About Us

Since 1923, Jahangir Book Depot has been bringing forth extraordinary books that shed light on almost all spheres of life - ranging from popular fiction to cooking and travelogues. Besides its collaboration with renowned international publishers like Microsoft, Barron's and Osborne McGraw-Hill, JBD also has the privilege of running some of the most prestigious magazines of Pakistan such as: Jahangir's World Times, Teen Times, Chef Special and Circle. Now Jahangir Book Depot is expanding in a very exciting way with the help of technology. Chef Special Mag website is now offering a complete range of kitchen wares that are sure to complement the most discerning chef in your home. You have read the recipes and bought the ingredients now you can buy any type of kitchen appliance from this website to help you prepare anything in the shortest amount of time. Find everything that you need to make your wish for a dream kitchen come true……


About Chef special magazine

Chef Special is a household name and the leading cooking magazine comprising of many tried and tested recipes from Pakistan’s No. 1 chefs. We saw the readers' changing moods and tastes, surveyed the market, visualized future reading habits and then decided to plunge in, filling the void, by bringing out something new, something special. Thus, Chef Special is out to keep our readers abreast with the latest cooking recipes, fashion trends, household tips, health matters, and a whole lot more by many prominent personalities and celebrities. All will appear under different sections in our monthly magazine, covering everything of interest for your entire family.